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qh88 app平台PM promulgates plan for sustainable development by 2030


PM promulgates plan for sustainable development by 2030

Children in rural area are being offered health check. Under the action plan of sustainable development by  二0 三0, people’s health care service will be enhanced.— VNS/VNA Photo

HÀ NỘI — The Prime Minister has promulgated a national action plan for sustainable development by  二0 三0.

The action plan aims to maintain sustainable development along with undertaking actions to ensure a civilised, equal society and environmental protection, including effective use of natural resouces and being equipped to deal with climate change.

The plan also ensures all people can develop their potential and fairly participate and benefit from the development process.

The action plan consists of  一 七 development targets.

Poverty in any form, anywhere, will be wiped out by the year  二0 三0. Food security will be ensured and sustainable rural development will be enhanced.

Health care service and education will also be promoted.

The government will offer fair and comprehensive education for all people. Gender equality will be further improved through empowerment of women and by creating opportunities for girls.

The action plan also focuses on environmental protection, preparedness to deal with the impact of climate change and use of natural resources for sustainable development.

To realise the targets, Việt Nam has to complete the legal system for sustainable development in the period  二0 一 七- 二0 二0.

Next year, ministries, sectors and local governments have to set up their action plans and undertake concrete projects.

Also, one of major tasks is to create source of sufficient labour, especially highly-qualified human resources.

PM promulgates plan for sustainable development by 2030

In the period  二0 一 二- 二0 三0, all tasks and projects will be successfully executed. — VNS



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